About Us

Welcome to Vulcan Plastics NA Inc. we are a leading producer of high quality thermoforming tooling. We started in 2009 with a goal of becoming one of the major thermoforming tooling companies on a global basis.

Today, Vulcan ships tools all over the world, we have service centers in Asia and in Europe with and we have a sales force in each major geographic region we service.

  Vulcan is proud of their work in the design and the manufacturing of precision thermoforming molds and cutting dies. Vulcan offers a wide range of tooling and thermoforming solutions in a variety of plastic material including OPS, HIPS, PET, PP, PE, PLA and PVC produced on a variety of equipment such as Sencorp, GN, Brown, Lyle, Irwin, Illig, Kiefel, Asano……

The range of our equipment includes C.N.C Milling, C.N.C High Speed Machining Center, Wire Erosion, Spark Erosion, Big Bed Milling Machine and forming test equipment, all of which allows Vulcan to offer both the traditional skills of time served tooling making along with all of the advantages from modern technology.

With decades of experience in the thermoforming packaging industry, our management team in cooperation with our exceptional design team is able to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. By working in partnership with our customers, suppliers and employees, we are able to maintain our focus on long-term mutual growth and our promise to deliver high quality, high value products with exceptional service.

Give Vulcan an opportunity and we will provide the best value for your forming needs.


“Good parts from good molds”